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Trillions of taxes and fees

Release time:2019-12-26  Browse times:3156
This week, the promotion of tax reduction and fee reduction ushered in a number of policy arrangements. The measures such as the increase and deduction of value-added tax in the life service industry, the further promotion of the central government's income division reform and other measures are the concrete embodiment of the continuous improvement and optimization of the policies related to tax reduction and fee reduction, and the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction with the scale of trillion yuan escort is more practical and effective.

Since this year, China has implemented a larger scale of tax reduction and fee reduction policy, with unprecedented efforts: from January, the new tax law has been implemented, small and micro enterprises have welcomed inclusive tax reduction, from April, the VAT rate has been reduced, from May, the social security rate has been reduced, and from July, the administrative fees and government funds have been cleaned up and standardized A real move has been launched continuously. Data shows that in the first seven months, the scale of tax reduction and fee reduction has reached 1349.2 billion yuan.

For tens of millions of enterprises, tax reduction and fee reduction directly reach the main body of the market, the policy is effective and inclusive, and the impact is direct and profound. Tax reduction and fee reduction "unloaded the burden" for enterprises to move forward, "added fuel" for transformation and upgrading, and "added foundation" for R & D innovation.

According to the special research conducted by the National Bureau of statistics on 311 enterprises in 9 provinces and cities, more than 70% of the tax reduction dividends are used for enterprise R & D, technological transformation and expansion of reproduction and reinvestment, which obviously drives enterprises to increase R & D investment, stimulates the vitality of the market main body and effectively enhances market confidence. Facts have proved that reducing taxes and fees is a policy to benefit enterprises and people, and it is also a policy of the people's will.

At present, in the complex economic situation at home and abroad, tax reduction and fee reduction, as a "heavy hand" of active fiscal policy and a "key move" to cope with the downward pressure of the economy, is more beneficial for the current and long-term. From a deeper point of view, by "releasing water and fish" to enterprises, we can enhance the economic development potential, further promote the optimization of economic structure, and help China's economy to climb over barriers and move towards high-quality development.

Throughout the world, in the context of slowing world economic growth, as the world's second largest economy and the world's largest engine of economic growth, it is of great significance for China to promote a larger-scale tax reduction. As commented by Marcio Verdi, executive secretary of the organization of American tax administration, tax reduction and fee reduction will reduce the burden, increase momentum and promote development for all enterprises in China, including transnational enterprises, "which has a positive role in promoting China's and even the world's economic development."
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